Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Looking At The Ultimate Goal For "Power Of Positivity"

It has been just 6 months that my e-book ,"Power Of Positivity" has been published on Smashwords


I am pleased that over 60 e-books have been sold and that 175 e-books have been downloaded. Although I have tried to build upon my own positivity in the last 28 year, I never dreamed of the success this e-book has brought to others dealing with bipolar disorder. I am over joyed with the seven "Reviews" that have been posted on the above link at Smashwords. I keep looking for more personal feedback from everyone (bipolar or not ), on how they feel that "Power of Positivity" has helped them in their own life. This perhaps, is the ultimate goal that I know this e-book needs to achieve. I'm hoping that this blog will be the vehicle to provide that positive feedback.

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