Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fifth Review Of E-book : "Power Of Positivity"

Review by: Chuck Loeher on Oct. 20, 2011 : starstarstarstarstar
I have known Dr. Fred for over 30 years. This book shares his life over those years which even as a close friend, I was not aware of because it was so difficult for Dr. Fred to discuss it at the time. Dr. Fred has a wonderful manner of blending great advice on the power of positivity with examples from his own life. The writing of this book,in itself,is a great example of positivity. It is often said that one truly understands something when he takes on the responsibility to explain it to others. Dr. Fred had personally experienced the worst of BD in his personal and family experiences. He shares that with us. I was immediately moved by the introduction which was written by Dr. Fred's wife Linda. Dr. Fred could have had the introduction written by a colleague, but to allow the reader to better understand him, and give credence to his recommendations, Dr. Fred opted for this very personal touch, which Linda carried out extremely well. Dr. Fred, opened his heart, and shows how he was able to cope with this inherited disease and be incident-free for 27 years. But, Dr. Fred goes far beyond that, to cover all aspects of the BD condition. His object is to help others move to that incident-free condition. That in itself is a very positive goal. The book also discusses the chemical clinical treatment for BD, both that which worked and did not help him. While this book advises a philosophy of positivity which has worked for Dr. Fred with BD,it is applicable to all of us, with or without BD, who wants to live a happier life. You can open the book to almost any page and receive some great positive motivation. I certainly do as a person without a BD diagnosis. You can read and reread this book and continue to gain from it. Thanks Dr. Fred!

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