Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fourth Review Of E-Book : "Power Of Positivity"

Review by: leslie usry on Oct. 08, 2011 : starstarstarstarstar
Wow. If there ever was a "How to" manual for gaining and maintaining stability with bipolar disorder' this is it. Dr. Fred has shared his story that is filled with pain, turmoil, stumbling and getting back up,good and bad times and living through this all with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. It's a story we all could write about living with BD. Dr. Fred has basically done all of the hard work for others trying to deal with BD. I'm not saying that we don't still struggle and suffer even if we are doing all we can to cope day to day and sometimes moment to moment. We win every morning when we wake up. I am so fortunate to call Dr. Fred a father figure. His story is life changing IF you really follow his guidance, soak it in, study, educate yourself and truly try to gain control over your emotions and thoughts. Dr. Fred shows us how. The first time I read his book I was having the hardest, most painful time of my life. I found all of my answers in his book. I have read it 4 times and plan to read it many more times. Dr. Fred also points out something that some people may miss....his story is also a love story. He didn't gain stability alone. It was the unconditional love from his wife that helped him make the right choices and claim 27 years of stability....episode free, living in the midst of BD and thriving. It can be done. Ever since I met Dr. Fred he has guided me towards stability, episode free, living with BD. I've said before that if everyone dealing with BD would really apply what Dr. Fred has to share, stability is attainable. He has put all of his knowledge in to this book. Use it as a manual. Take a positive outlook on life. Dr. Fred shows us how. It sounded impossible to me at first, but I listened and learned and applied. I gained stability and have been stable for a while and I learned it all from the same words that are written in this book. It can be done, even when you are at your lowest point. Follow Dr. Fred's story closely and you'll see it's not so different from your own. Stability is yours. All you have to do is want it bad enough and apply what is in his book. Dr. Fred, when is the next book coming out?
Amazing job Dr. Fred!!! Sending much love and thanks!!!

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