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Eighth Review Of E-Book : "Power Of Positivity"

Review by: Sheri Carlson on Jan. 28, 2012 : starstarstarstarstar  Fred L. Von Gunten, O.D. delivers an authentic and heartfelt message in "The Power of Positivity." Dr. Fred's words of wisdom will resonate with you long after you have read his book. As I read his E-book, I was deeply moved and inspired by his compassionate voice, indomitable will, formidable resiliency, emotional/intellectual fortitude, and amorous motivation.
If you enjoy lifelong learning and seek to be your paramount self, then I encourage you to walk down a healthy path and let Dr. Fred's positive and thought provoking words guide you in overcoming thoughts and feelings of inadequacy as you discover the freedom to develop your innate gifts, talents, and abilities. I will always be grateful that I came across this dear doctor and self-help author on my quest for knowledge, understanding, and awareness of bipolar disorder (BD)! :)

Seventh Review Of E-Book : "Power Of Positivity"

Review by: Dr. Jeffrey Fitzmaurice on Jan. 17, 2012 : starstarstarstarstar
I had the good fortune of meeting Dr.Fred when I first started practicing Optometry with him in 1997. I was full of ambition but a little lost in starting my career and Fred took me under his wing and showed me the ropes. For the younger guys in the practice Fred became known as "Father Fred" because he always took the time to share his knowledge with us and listen to our concerns.
I spent many afternoons with him talking about Optometry but also learning about life. It was during our discussions that he shared with me his struggle with bipolar. If you have ever had the opportunity to meet Fred in person, you would never gather that this was a personal struggle of his because of his upbeat personality.
Reading "The Power of Positivity" took me back to my "Tuesday talks with Father Fred". Whether you or somebody you know suffers from a "mental illness or condition" the book provides not only a better understanding of how somebody can triumph with a condition but it also offers some great life lessons.
I admire Dr. Fred. I think it takes a great deal of courage to open yourself to the world about a condition that can have a negative concatenation. I think the book gave some detailed insight that dispels the stigma of bipolar illness and offers good, functional advice on living.
I keep the book on my iphone (next to my Bible) and when I need to, I go to my "calm center" and read the words of a friend that was and has been a positive influence in my life. Thank you Fred for sharing this with us and being part of your family.

Sixth Review Of E-Book : "Power Of Positivity"

Review by: JulieBB on Oct. 27, 2011 : starstarstarstarstar
This book showed me how much positivity can change a person, Dr Fred gives his life as example of how to survive, how to over come, how to keep on going even when it is difficult to do so. His wife Linda went along on this journey, his journey to where he is at now. A true work of love, of power to those in similar situations, to those who struggle with depression, anxiety. For anybody who feels the weight of negativity upon them. For everybody. I intend to re read this-already have gone back to parts to re read, will keep on doing so. A wonderful book that shines a light on negativity, and brings a positive approach to life, to living. I thank you Dr Fred.

Fifth Review Of E-book : "Power Of Positivity"

Review by: Chuck Loeher on Oct. 20, 2011 : starstarstarstarstar
I have known Dr. Fred for over 30 years. This book shares his life over those years which even as a close friend, I was not aware of because it was so difficult for Dr. Fred to discuss it at the time. Dr. Fred has a wonderful manner of blending great advice on the power of positivity with examples from his own life. The writing of this book,in itself,is a great example of positivity. It is often said that one truly understands something when he takes on the responsibility to explain it to others. Dr. Fred had personally experienced the worst of BD in his personal and family experiences. He shares that with us. I was immediately moved by the introduction which was written by Dr. Fred's wife Linda. Dr. Fred could have had the introduction written by a colleague, but to allow the reader to better understand him, and give credence to his recommendations, Dr. Fred opted for this very personal touch, which Linda carried out extremely well. Dr. Fred, opened his heart, and shows how he was able to cope with this inherited disease and be incident-free for 27 years. But, Dr. Fred goes far beyond that, to cover all aspects of the BD condition. His object is to help others move to that incident-free condition. That in itself is a very positive goal. The book also discusses the chemical clinical treatment for BD, both that which worked and did not help him. While this book advises a philosophy of positivity which has worked for Dr. Fred with BD,it is applicable to all of us, with or without BD, who wants to live a happier life. You can open the book to almost any page and receive some great positive motivation. I certainly do as a person without a BD diagnosis. You can read and reread this book and continue to gain from it. Thanks Dr. Fred!

Fourth Review Of E-Book : "Power Of Positivity"

Review by: leslie usry on Oct. 08, 2011 : starstarstarstarstar
Wow. If there ever was a "How to" manual for gaining and maintaining stability with bipolar disorder' this is it. Dr. Fred has shared his story that is filled with pain, turmoil, stumbling and getting back up,good and bad times and living through this all with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. It's a story we all could write about living with BD. Dr. Fred has basically done all of the hard work for others trying to deal with BD. I'm not saying that we don't still struggle and suffer even if we are doing all we can to cope day to day and sometimes moment to moment. We win every morning when we wake up. I am so fortunate to call Dr. Fred a father figure. His story is life changing IF you really follow his guidance, soak it in, study, educate yourself and truly try to gain control over your emotions and thoughts. Dr. Fred shows us how. The first time I read his book I was having the hardest, most painful time of my life. I found all of my answers in his book. I have read it 4 times and plan to read it many more times. Dr. Fred also points out something that some people may miss....his story is also a love story. He didn't gain stability alone. It was the unconditional love from his wife that helped him make the right choices and claim 27 years of stability....episode free, living in the midst of BD and thriving. It can be done. Ever since I met Dr. Fred he has guided me towards stability, episode free, living with BD. I've said before that if everyone dealing with BD would really apply what Dr. Fred has to share, stability is attainable. He has put all of his knowledge in to this book. Use it as a manual. Take a positive outlook on life. Dr. Fred shows us how. It sounded impossible to me at first, but I listened and learned and applied. I gained stability and have been stable for a while and I learned it all from the same words that are written in this book. It can be done, even when you are at your lowest point. Follow Dr. Fred's story closely and you'll see it's not so different from your own. Stability is yours. All you have to do is want it bad enough and apply what is in his book. Dr. Fred, when is the next book coming out?
Amazing job Dr. Fred!!! Sending much love and thanks!!!

Second & Third Review Of : "Power Of Positivity"

Review by: Gita Kavala on Oct. 07, 2011 : starstarstarstarstar
This book delves into the story of a bipolar's life and how he has learned to cope with his disorder through a positive attitude. He sets an example to other bipolars and urges them to nip this illness in the bud. The author has been in remission for many years as a result of his positive atttude and the support of family and friends. He is one who has seen the worst of bipolar disorder through mania and depression, dealing with the loss of a loved one, who also suffered from the same, and the struggles of both him and his immediate family who had to deal with the unpredictable behavior, mood swings, suicidal behavior and mania..
The author also gives a comprehensive explanation of the scientific and clinical rationale of bipolar disorder, which everyone who suffers from bipolar disorder, their families and friends would find quite interesting and enlightening.
The author sets the precedent that living with bipolar disorder is not actually that bad, once he/she realizes that positivity and a strong support system makes all the differences.
Kudos to you, Dr. Fred!
Review by: Jerry Babitz on Sep. 11, 2011 :                                  
            Bravo, to Dr. Fred for this effort to conquer the "bipolar" enemy and give hope to those who struggle with that enemy.

First Review Of E-Book "Power Of Positivity"

Review by: Linda Lee Rathbun on Sep. 05, 2011 : starstarstarstarstar
Anyone who has struggled with mental health issues, and anyone who wonders how they can achieve positive thinking in their life, will no doubt benefit from this book. The author shares his lifelong struggle with bipolar disorder, and offers ways to manage the disorder with medication and with the Power of Positivity. In this book, Fred Von Gunten has opened up his heart and life for all to learn from. It is only when experience is passed on that it becomes a learning tool, and in this case, also a positive force for everyone's life. I highly commend this book to all. Linda Lee Rathbun

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Looking At The Ultimate Goal For "Power Of Positivity"

It has been just 6 months that my e-book ,"Power Of Positivity" has been published on Smashwords

I am pleased that over 60 e-books have been sold and that 175 e-books have been downloaded. Although I have tried to build upon my own positivity in the last 28 year, I never dreamed of the success this e-book has brought to others dealing with bipolar disorder. I am over joyed with the seven "Reviews" that have been posted on the above link at Smashwords. I keep looking for more personal feedback from everyone (bipolar or not ), on how they feel that "Power of Positivity" has helped them in their own life. This perhaps, is the ultimate goal that I know this e-book needs to achieve. I'm hoping that this blog will be the vehicle to provide that positive feedback.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Point Yourself In A Positive, Empowered, Fulfilling Direction

Negative momentum can be powerful. Yet the moment you commit yourself to a positive perspective, that negative momentum is gone. Perhaps you could stop worrying and complaining about the fact that your day, your week, your month or your life has gotten off to a bad start. Use this moment right now to interrupt the pattern and point yourself in a positive, empowered, fulfilling direction.
Your past has brought you where you are, and yet it does not dictate where you can now go. Make the choice to point all of your life in the direction of your dreams. Even though you may have experienced great difficulty in getting started, choose now to be thankful for those difficulties you have gone through. Be thankful for the strength they have enabled you to build, and make positive use of that strength going forward.

This time, this moment is different, because now you're in complete control and determined to make it great.