Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Eighth Review Of E-Book : "Power Of Positivity"

Review by: Sheri Carlson on Jan. 28, 2012 : starstarstarstarstar  Fred L. Von Gunten, O.D. delivers an authentic and heartfelt message in "The Power of Positivity." Dr. Fred's words of wisdom will resonate with you long after you have read his book. As I read his E-book, I was deeply moved and inspired by his compassionate voice, indomitable will, formidable resiliency, emotional/intellectual fortitude, and amorous motivation.
If you enjoy lifelong learning and seek to be your paramount self, then I encourage you to walk down a healthy path and let Dr. Fred's positive and thought provoking words guide you in overcoming thoughts and feelings of inadequacy as you discover the freedom to develop your innate gifts, talents, and abilities. I will always be grateful that I came across this dear doctor and self-help author on my quest for knowledge, understanding, and awareness of bipolar disorder (BD)! :)

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