Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Without"Changes" My Dream Could Not Of Changed

In the last 12 years, I have had a recurrent dream. One that seems totally out of reach, but at times I know it is very real; because I lived it for 33 years when I was in practice. I am in a consultation room with my partners in practice. We are always in a deep discussion with each other. They are all talking and expressing their own opinions. And I am talking, however, I can not hear myself talk and they can not hear me either. The dream continues, but I am still not heard. So, the question is, why do I still have this dream after retirement of over 12 years ? There had to be something I had to ‘change’, and it had to be me. Without those changes, the dream could not of  changed. I could now hear myself and others could hear what I had to say. Perhaps, the question for each man to settle, is not what he would do if he had means, time, influence and educational advantages; but the question is what he will do with the things he has. The moment a man ceases  to bemoan his lack of opportunities and resolutely looks his conditions in the face, and resolves to ‘change’ them, he lays the corner-stone of a solid and honorable success. So, it was that I found the importance of positive change for controlling my bipolar disorder.

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