Sunday, June 26, 2011

Come Out Of The "Wilderness" Of Depression And Discover the Positivity Of "Change"

It is from the soul walking experience, that I began to wander what other exploratory events could happen with my bipolar life. It was then that I recalled when I was in the "wilderness" of depression, that I discovered positivity of "change" to be free. It was there that I formed and firmed up my potential goals to overcome potential episodes. Sadly, and too often, our negativity tells us precisely the opposite. It says, "Don't change. Don't grow. Don't do anything different than what has been done before. So often we people with bipolar disorder, are in a "wilderness" all our own. The question is? Can we "change" and grow so that we can be free from our own "wilderness?"
Things get shaken up in the "wilderness." That is when I found my answers were to "change" from my old ways and to continue to work with my doctors, my prescribed Lithium, my family, and developing a higher level  toward positivity.

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  1. I have been confronted with a drastic and heart breaking change. I have lost custody of my 4-year-old son, whom I love deeply. Circumstances beyond my control led to this life-changing decision. I have to learn to grow positively with these changes while dealing with the bipolar monster. It has been a trial to say the least. With your help, Dr. Fred. I have the tools instilled in me to overcome and thrive in this situation. Not only have I learned to thrive, I have learned to enjoy my life while keeping my stability. It has been a very rough road to say the least, but I am living each day to the fullest and I expect those bumps in the road to come, but I also expect happiness and I am getting just that. I have grown through this experience in many ways. I have even questioned my stability many times, but the sun always rises even when I don't want it too. Thank you Dr. Fred!!!
    Much love....Leslie