Saturday, May 28, 2011

Through This Thorn That Faith Grows Stronger

For Leslie : If only I believed more then this thorn of bipolar disorder, would be removed, I once thought and with such thinking the pain grew even more pronounced. But then I realized that even here, God could work. Even with the pain, even with the burden. Indeed, it was through this thorn that my faith grew stronger. It was here that I began to understand the paradox of this strange and wondrous faith of ours: In weakness we are made strong. In defeat comes victory

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  1. I know the thorn will never be removed and God knows I have asked for Him to take it away many times. Now, I just pray to make it through the next painful moment, until the phone rings or until my days come. Dr Harris said I was looking for peace. How do you find peace in a tornado raging inside of your mind? I must figure it out. Thank you for your kind and wise words