Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why Are We So Uncomfortable With An Invitation To Change ?

Sometimes I wonder if the reason we so easily pray not to be led into temptation is because we are so very comfortable where we are.
In the midst of everything else going on in our lives, the last thing we want is to confront the possibility of change. "Lead us not into temptation" may be just another way of saying, "Look, my life may not be perfect but at least it's familiar, so please God don't complicate it with invitations into the unknown."
Surely we face similar temptations. We are tempted to convince ourselves that we are doing all we can for God and for others...and perhaps we are...but why then are we, as people with bipolar disorder, so afraid to hear of other possibilities? Why are we so uncomfortable when the invitation to change is placed before us?
Is it because we are afraid to discover who we really are?


  1. Hey Dr. Fred!

    I love this post. I think I'm one of the few who welcomes change. I love spontaneity. As you know, I'm working on my MA in counseling and during my studies it's inevitable that I discover who I really am. It's had it's ups and downs so far but life is a journey of finding one's self. I try to enjoy every moment of it. Every feeling that accompanies this discovery. I know it's hard for some people and I completely understand this. And I agree, people become complacent and don't want to change.

    Just curious, what are other possibilities that you are referring to?

  2. Thanks,Angela for your comment...
    Perhaps,the other possibilities that I am referring to, is fear of the "truth," the reluctance that some bi-polars carry for in their full acceptance of the diagnosis. It's the "lure" of mania that may keep them from change. The attitude of "That's just the way I Am." Ironically, it may be because they are afraid to discover who we really are.

  3. Fred

    I think taking the Segway tour on Naples was a change? How did it go with Linda's brother-in-law?