Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Courage To Forgive Others and Ourselves !

Perhaps, as we grow with our own bipolar disorder, we can approach the positive forgiveness that is needed to gain stability.
From what I witness, over and over again, I discover how satisfying living for others can be. The folks whose lives have meaning and purpose, who have a real zest for living, spend little of their time worried about themselves and a great deal of time giving to others.
Elisha Goldstein suggests “we all hold grudges against other people who we feel have hurt or offended us in some way or another. We even hold these grudges for people who are not even alive anymore. We do this with the false idea that somehow we are making them suffer by being hurt and angry with them”.
As for me, I have  seen enough unforgiving to be utterly convinced that it is about as destructive a thing as there can be. There is a kind of peace that is clearly observable among people who have the courage to forgive others and themselves. I like being around those folk. I’ll bet you do too.

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