Monday, January 2, 2012

What Is "Episode Free Emotional Stability ?"

In my e-book "Power of Positivity"
I ask the question ..Is "episode free emotional stability " possible ?
As some of you know ,I have achieved this level for over 26 years.
However, I am not a celebrity with BP. I'm just a member of DS Bipolar Group.
I have communicated with Kay Redfield Jamison, PhD, whom most of you have read her books, about this classification. She stated in her publications, that she labels it " Functional Bipolar". She mentioned a number of celebrities who are "Functional Bipolars "....Robin Williams,Burgess Meredith,Dick Cavett,Ben Stiller.Patty Duke,Carrie Fisher,to name a few. I ask her recently, how many years of "Episode Free Emotional Stability or Functional Bipolar" does one have to acquirer to achieve this level ? I have yet to receive an answer. Perhaps, this group would care to speculate .

Perhaps, my question is a very difficult one, to answer, for all mental health providers. However,I might suggest that a couple of years is just a start of "episode free emotional stability." My pc has followed my episode over a 25 year period before they began to stabilize. That was when we started to monitor my stability (1984). He stated that as long as a true episode cycle does not occur, with in a full year period, we could label that a "episode free emotional stable" year.....I visit my pdoc once a year for review of any possible episodes. This last visit I commented that I again have not had an episode....and now it has been 26 years. I suggested this "age old question"to my pdoc... "So, possibly now I may be "Functionally Cured" ......He just smiled and said ....." Ahh, but your still a Bipolar"

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