Wednesday, January 25, 2012

We All Have the Power Of Resilience !

Resilience in psychology refers to the idea of an individual's tendency to cope with stress and adversity. This coping may result in the individual “bouncing back” to a previous state of normal functioning, or using the experience of exposure to adversity to produce a “steeling effect” and function better than expected. Resilience is most commonly understood as a process, and not a trait of an individual. Kevin B Sullivan, President, NAMI Board of Directors, talks about Resilience as "The Power Within" :

Research tells us that some people innately have more resilience than other, but also that far more of us can learn and practice our own personalized paths of resilience. There is even growing evidence that resilience is brain chemistry in action, triggers and receptors linked to how we see ourselves, what we say, what we do, and what others say and do with respect to us.

A friend of Sullivan, has lived through periods of bipolar depression. With treatment, including medications, she is in recovery but understands that her recovery is a process rather than a state of being. Part of her process has been learning to practice resilience. In her case, it is a simple mantra: "Just do, something, anything." On the darkest of day, it may not be much of anything, but for her it's always an empowering assertion of action and hope.

We all have our own personal portals to resilience. Maybe it's work or art, conversation or exercise, a familiar object or favorite place, faith in a higher power or simply faith in oneself. These are powerful therapeutic personal strategies and brain messages that work, not least of all because learned, guided and practiced resilience is something we can give. Resilience is recovery for people living with mental illness !

Power Of Positivity  Brings Resilience To An Achievable Goal.

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