Saturday, October 29, 2011

With communication, Learning "Pausing" Before Interfering

A very important quality of communication was "pausing” before interfering. I now would deliberately bite my tongue and zip my lips at the precise moment that I was tempted to get involved in the lives of those around me. I needed to become aware of my inclination to tell others, particularly my family members how they should be conducting their lives. Even if I hold off for a few moments before I butt in to someone else's business, I would be on my way to allowing those around me to find their anchor within themselves. This new discipline of resisting the habit to get involved by "pausing" before I would be interfering enabled me to see how capable everyone truly is when they are in the energy field of someone who "allows" rather then "dictates.”

1 comment:

  1. My father always dictated...I never listened to a word he said. If he would have showed a little more compassion in speaking I would have avoided a lot of pain. Always speak grandmother taught me that..and people will listen.
    Love you Dr Fred!!!