Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More About "Power of Positivity"

It has been just a month that my e-book entitled : "Power of Positivity" was published by Smashwords.
 See my two previous posts . I would like to share in this post a short comment I made about the e-book  and a comment made by my editor :

Learning to develop the power of positivity in my life, I encountered many challenges while dealing with bipolar disorder. This book explores these challenges and how I ultimately achieved episode-free stability. In the Power of Positivity, I present the numerous sources that were an inspiration to me and led me to a positive state of mind. After more than fifty years of struggling with bipolar disorder, I have written this book to help others achieve long-term stability.

Anyone who has struggled with mental health issues, and anyone who wonders how they can achieve positive thinking in their life, will no doubt benefit from this book. The author shares his lifelong struggle with bipolar disorder, and offers ways to manage the disorder with medication and with the Power of Positivity. In this book, Fred Von Gunten has opened up his heart and life for all to learn from. It is only when experience is passed on that it becomes a learning tool, and in this case, also a positive force for everyone's life. I highly commend this book to all. Linda Lee Rathbun.

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  1. Dear Fred,

    the e-book is great! Congratulation on such a wonderful achievement, I am sure lots of people out there will find it very useful and encouraging. No doubt your wise and kind words will become an inspiration to many...

    Kindest Regards,