Thursday, March 3, 2011

Life Is Like A Teeter Totter.

 When you need someone’s help to make something work, and you have to place yourself in a position of vulnerability, it is important to pick someone you can TRUST.
Otherwise, like being on a teeter totter, they might just jump off and let you fall to the ground.
I can say, I am always trying to balance the teeter-totter. I was not one of those kids who would run away when the other person was at the top.
Remember going on the Teeter-Totters, and all the people were taken, so you paired up with a bigger kid you did not know too well ? And then all of sudden, he would jump off at the crucial moment and you would go SLAM into the ground ! And he would walk away laughing. Every kid learns this lesson, at least once. It taught me that very big lesson in achieving bipolar disorder balance and that few are available to help you acquire that needed balance of mood swings. You have to be responsible for your own balance and be positive with achieving stability in life.

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