Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Healing Of The Mandala

Tibetan monks have a ritual time to make a sand.mandala... - so beautiful and then the wind blows it away and they return some of the sand to the river.
...GRAIN BY GRAIN: TWO DAYS LEFT. WHAT IT IS A Tibetan sand mandala created by monks from the Drepung Loseling Monastery. In Sanskrit, this particular "Akshobya" mandala symbolizes healing and indestructibility. The monks, who began making the mandala out of marble sand  at the Naples Museum of Art, completed the mandala over the next two days. Meant to bring positive energies and healing to the Naples area. As I stood by, one of the monks who was waiting to participate, I asked " what will become of this" He just smiled and stated " it is for you and your healing". Then the day came. With a few swipes of a paintbrush, the brightly colored sand that had been a Tibetan mandala lay in a heap, a metaphor of the impermanence of life. Nine Tibetan Buddhist monks spent three days constructing the mandala from millions of grains of exquisitely colored sand, carefully laid into place on a black platform. Shortly after completing the mandala, the monks blessed it and dismantled it. Half of the sand was given to the some people who came to watch,the other half went with the monks to the Naples Beach. There they carefully and blissfully places the colored sands into the Gulf of Mexico. I stood and watched a long time until most everyone was gone. A remaining monk came over and said to me, " Why do you stay....your mind is already healed." And somehow I knew it will always be.....

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