Sunday, July 31, 2011

For The Bipolar - Stop Blaming The Individual - Instead Blame the Illness.

When the bipolar is ready to handle the fact that they need medical and therapeutic treatment, is when they can rightly blame the illness and not themselves.
Certainly, that’s easier said than done. When a bipolar is in attack mode, we naturally tend to see that person as the attacker. It’s tough to view him/her as merely the instrument of the real, unseen force. We need to stay positive and look beyond the surface reality we’re dealing with to see that it’s the bipolar talking, the bipolar acting out.
When we can see the illness as the underlying problem, we can start doing two things to turn the situation around:

   -Stop making it worse. Blaming the person instead of the illness leads to confrontation which only worsens the situation. Stop pouring emotional fuel on a fire that’s already blazing. When we blame the illness, we take some of the negative emotion out of the equation.

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