Monday, April 4, 2011

The Truth Hurts

The truth hurts, so the old saying goes, and like most old sayings, it is the truth.
Most of us, even the most eager of truth-seekers, will admit that there are certain things we would just as soon forget. They can range from little recognizing how we really could do more around the very big admitting how greedy and selfish we have become.
A whole lot of energy is spent on this truth-avoiding agenda.
Perhaps, people with bipolar disorder need to come face to face with ourselves and accept our diagnosis and move forward in a positive manor, acknowledging and addressing are own truths.


  1. I have come to accept and embrace my bipolar disorder in a positive way. It makes me more creative and my mind is expanded. I'm not saying I don't have bad days or moments, but I have taken a positive outlook on what, at one time, seemed to be the end of me. It was a combination of therapy, medications, and reaching out, and when I reached out, I caught the prize fish. I know from experience that when bipolar people join together a build their own "village", it makes life a bit easier to bare. I have created such a village with many bp peers. Reaching out to a hand that was firm and positive helped me tremendously. I hope everyone gets the chance to do that. It will change your life.

  2. I was just talking to my therapist about this today actually... I said I couldn't understand how people spend so much time trying to avoid being alone with themselves. Avoid thinking. Avoid facing what's inside.
    Some day we all have to face our truth...why postpone the inevitable?
    Great entry Dr. Fred!!

  3. Well...The Truth is the ultimate power that will make or break us in finding happiness in our lives. Acknowledging that fact and being honest with ourselves, we have everything to gain...and nothing to lose.

    Continue using the Power Of Being Positive, whether you have Bipolar Disorder or not. I'm proud to have both of you as my friends. You both are showing the world what success is all about !